Peter Stevick's COA Lobby Movie

October 19, 2019

This is Peter Stevick's COA Lobby Movie, said to be Spring Term, 1980. It was filmed in super 8mm and newly transferred to digital (process described below).

What's interesting about this movie is that during the course of filming it, virtually every person who was at COA at the time - students, faculty, staff, walked through the lobby (this was the lobby in the Main Building which was destroyed in the fire). This sequence resonated with people because this is how it was everyday or at very least, how it seemed.

In the interest of identifying individuals, I've also uploaded a version that is slowed down by a factor of 3 and has the frame numbers displayed. With YouTube, you can slow the playback even further.

Note that playback in HD 1080 is recommended. However, YouTube compresses the hell out of the film which, unfortunately, smears a lot of the detail found in the glorious black&white film grain so I've made the original mp4 file available for download here (1.2gb).

And here is the film with frame numbers added and slowed down (set playback with YouTube player to 0.25 to slow down even further):

Well, it took some time (years) but I finally got around to doing my film to digital transfer rig. It looks a right mess but seems to work ok. An Arduino controls a stepper motor attached to the shaft of a Eumig 810D projector which has had it's halogen bulb replaced with an LED source. It advances the film one frame at a time and triggers the camera to shoot a still of each frame right off the projector gate. The stills are assembled into an mpeg4 movie in Adobe's After Effects. An old cell phone broadcasts the progress on my local network via the ipcam app so I don't have to monitor it in person (about 3,000 frames per 3 minutes of film which take about 3 hours to transfer).

The end result is in 2k resolution and, I think, a dramatic improvement of the old SD transfer.