Writing: Apostate of Lower Mills (working title)

I am writing a memoir about growing up in a working class Irish Catholic home in Boston's Dorchester Lower Mills neighborhood in the 1960s.


Video: Editing Machinery of Death: A History of the Electric Chair

The narrator & interview footage for Verstehen Video's documentary, Machinery of Death: A History of the Electric Chair has completed and I have started pre-assembly tasks like coming up a broadcast design, color correcting interview footage, keying the green screen narration and organizing the still images to be used.

Development: IoT Temperature Sensing

This project involves collecting and analyzing temperature readings from an array of wifi connected temperature sensors. The temperature sensors are being prototyped with Raspberry Pis and battery-powered Arduino MRK100s.

Development: Tensorflow-based Object Recognition

I've been working with Google's Edge TPU on their Coral development board for object recognition.

Write-up: Android-controlled Smoker

I need to write up this completed project. It consists of a consumer box electric smoker that's been modified to maintain a set temperature. An Android app controls an Arduino Yun which runs a program that turns the electric element on/off using thermocouple readings to maintain the set temperature.

Write-up: Modifying Blue Sky Studio Speakers

I obtained a set of Blue Sky 2.1 monitors from a defunct local recording studio. These speakers are bi-amped with built-in Class A/B 100 watt amps. However, they were the first generation of the speakers and the circuit boards suffer from low production quality. Rather than try to repair or recreate the boards, a external solution was arrived at that provides superior quality sound.

On Hold

Development: - An Alternative Social Network

This project was started as an alternative social network to the ubiquitous and thoroughly dreadful Facebook. It was not conceived to compete with Facebook but rather be a completely different approach by using online tools to strengthen existing "real" social networks. Two relevant features would be no ads and privacy of personal information. A first description of the project with some readers comments is here.  

The project was shelved when I was unable to convince even my friends to give up Facebook. However, I still think it's a good idea.