OWNER, Seilide Limited, Allentown, Pennsylvania. Jan 2011 – Present

I currently manage and monitor servers that host websites and web applications requiring high availability and redundancy.

Provided Technical Support for HBO Max's production of The Runaway Bunny  which premiered on March 25, 2021. Rendered scenes in After Effects and Resolve for online editing. Credited as Colorist, Master Compositor.

I was on a long term contract developing numerous software projects for E-Z Systems (Bethlehem, PA) involving full-stack design & development including a multi-company OpenERP installation plus embedded devices such as Arduinos and Raspberry Pi's.

Most recent large software project was being technical lead for E-Z Trak - a Research Animal Facility Management enterprise program which includes census, health and billing capabilities. In 2011, E-Z Trak started out using Adobe Flex with PHP and Windows Mobile barcode scanners. After a re-write, it now uses the Laravel framework and Android barcode readers. All the server components were implemented as Docker containers, including its PostgreSQL database. Costs were kept down by using offshore & remote contract coders. Written in PHP, Java (Android), Python, C++, Javascript, SQL (PostgreSQL). It's currently installed at Penn State Hershey Medical Center.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER/VIDEO PRODUCER, Independent Projects, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 2002-2011

Project List:

  • Technical Director during start-up stage for rVibe.com (formerly Muzzium), a peer-to-peer music download service. The software prototype was used to secure initial funding from Ben Franklin Technology Partners.
  • Created 3D & motion graphics for exhibition at National Canal Museum's Emrick Technology Center. In Lightwave 3D and Adobe After Effects.
  • Associate Producer for A&E Television Network’s Biography episode on Hollywood legend Cecil B. DeMille.
  • Created plugins for Adobe After Effects including a Film-look for video plug-in in C++ and plug-in to import projects from Sony Pictures' Vegas non-linear video application.
  • Produced short-form and location video projects including 30 second commercials and an 8 minute recruitment video for Blue Hill Memorial Hospital (Maine).
  • Wrote, produced and edited Amazing Coastal Creatures DVD (ISBN 0-9755584-0-4), a look at over two dozen sea creatures of New England intended for classrooms.
  • Designed audio/video production studio for the Verstehen Video Project, a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to produce, promote, and distribute videos and supplementary materials for the classroom and community that focus on matters of social justice, social inequality, and social control.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Multisystems, Inc. Cambridge, Massachusetts. 2000 - 2002

Project List:

  • Designed and implemented a virtualized Mobile Data gateway (in C) which streamlined integration of radio-dispatched vehicular mobile devices from Siemens, Mentor, Securicor and Digital Dispatch Systems to host application MIDAS-PT. The gateway was installed in six locales from Lubbock, Texas to West Yorkshire, UK, linking up to 150 paratransit vehicles through the gateway to the dispatcher, who sent schedules and could monitor vehicle location through AVL and driver input.
  • Designed and implemented add-on components for MIDAS-PT, a paratransit scheduling application.
  • Developed a C++ program for posting bus/taxi runs with a unique custom designed spreadsheet control.
  • Participated in designing and coding xBase to SQL program conversion for MIDAS-PT.

VIDEO PRODUCER/OWNER, Forged Images Productions, Southwest Harbor, Maine. 1996 - 2000

Project List:

  • Designed, setup, administered, and maintained one of the first digital audio/video/image studios.
  • Edited and mastered for broadcast and duplication, the one hour documentary Eastern State Penitentiary, a critical history of an early American prison. It was broadcast on Maine Public Broadcasting.
  • Produced various television commercials, event and job recruitment videos for local businesses.
  • Produced family album, memorial and wedding videos for individuals.
  • Provided Sound Engineering including location recording, editing and mastering for Today in Literature, a weekly program which aired on Canadian Broadcasting (CBC) radio and Our Stories, a special series produced by Maine Public Television.
  • Provided forensic image capture and enhancement for local and state law enforcement.
  • Programmed GIS data manipulation for 3D imaging in C++.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER Bar Harbor, Maine; Palo Alto, California; and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Sept 1986-Nov 1996

Project List:

  • Participated in all aspects of product design for KidPad, a custom designed & manufactured digitizer/display tablet (Penmanship, Inc., a Palo Alto, California start-up). KidPad connected to a host computer running integrated KidWrite software to teach penmanship. Designed digitized writing compression/display/playback algorithms and designed/developed xBase teaching management software. In C++for Windows 95.
  • Designed/developed 3D graphics engine for Lego-like manipulation featuring real-time hidden surface removal on 386-class machines (Shockley, Inc., Palo Alto, California). Written in C++ for Windows 95.
  • Took over and completed development of Project Outlook, an executive scheduling tool written utilizing an object-oriented design (Cambridge Management Systems, Cambridge, Massachusetts). In Object Oriented C for Windows 3.1.
  • Performed software port of PROMIS project management software from DOS to Unix for (Strategic Software Planning Corp., Cambridge, Massachusetts). In C. Designed and developed SSP/GDI, a complete PC graphics programming system in C and assembler. Featured dynamically installable and configurable device drivers, multiple fonts, extensive device support, and extreme compactness. SSP/GDI was part of PROMIS, a top- rated project management system. In C and 80x86 Assembler.
  • Designed Occupational Health Data Tracking System for Health Management Systems, Boston, Massachusetts, in Quicksilver/dBase III.
  • Performed statistical analysis and research for Don S. Willner & Associates, Portland, Oregon, for the appeal of “Penk vs. Oregon State Board of Higher Education,” a 2,000 member class action sex discrimination suit.
  • Served as Intel iPDS Development Engineer Consultant, Penguin Products, Bloomfield, Connecticut for 8051-based devices.
  • Taught graduate level User Interface Design at Peking University (Beida), Beijing, China.

TECHNICAL LEAD/OWNER, Pandimensional Productions, Inc.,Bar Harbor, Maine. 1984-1985

Formed company to develop interactive laserdisc technology. A demonstration laserdisc was authored and successful workstation prototype produced based on the Mindset Video Production System, an Autech Touchscreen and Hitachi Laserdisk Player in Pascal and 80186 Assembler. The uniqueness of this system was in its advanced User Interface and low production cost using 16mm film.

SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC), Littleton, Massachusetts & Bar Harbor, Maine. 1983-1985

My primary job was as the DEC Rainbow computer graphics support engineer.

Project List:

  • Implemented OEM adaptation of Microsoft Windows v1.0 for DEC Rainbow 100 personal computer in 8086 Assembler.
  • Developed KERMIT-based communications module for DEC Rainbow Office Workstation OEM kit in C.
  • Implemented OEM adaptation of ANSI.SYS device driver for MS-DOS Version 3.00 in 8086 Assembler.
  • Authored DEC Rainbow Color Graphics Option Programmer's Reference Manual which included exhaustive 8086 Assembler coding examples.
  • Implemented final OEM adaptation of Digital Research GSX-86 graphics subsystem for DEC Rainbow 100 in 8080 & 8086 Assembler.
  • Provided internal support of DEC Rainbow Graphics for OEM adaptations of GW-Basic, Concurrent CP/M and DR-L0G0.
  • Presented DEC Rainbow Graphics at various Seminars and provided Rainbow Graphics support for ISVs.

I was the first engineering employee at DEC to telecommute, as remote working was called at the time.

SYSTEMS ANALYST, Politzer & Haney (formerly Becker, Haney & Armstrong), Bar Harbor, Maine. 1980-1983.

Project List:

  • Developed a Remote Data Entry System for Automatic Data Processing for the IBM PC, Apple II and TRS 80 in Compiled Microsoft Basic.
  • Developed Automated Teller Network support programs for Automatic Data Processing.
  • Designed and developed Banker's Acceptance System for J. Henry Schroder Bank for Philips 2001 in Basic.
  • Designed and developed EPL0T, a generalized plot package for the IBM PC and Apple II using Houston Instruments Pen Plotters.
  • Designed and developed Facilities Management System for Citicorp Industrial Credit for the IBM PC and Houston Instruments Pen Plotter and Digitizer in Basic and 8086 Assembler.
  • Developed automated Letter of Credit System for Citicorp Industrial Credit utilizing Philips 2001 micros in a distributed processing environment.
  • Developed a KPI Reporting System for Citicorp Industrial Credit utilizing Philips 2001 micros in a distributed processing environment.

VISITING FACULTY, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine. 1983

Taught Introduction to Computer Programming.

COMPUTER RESOURCE PERSON, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine. 1979-1982

Applications and systems programming with teaching on the college's Digital Equipment PDP-11/03 minicomputer and also working with Jackson Laboratory's Digital Equipment VAX-11/780. Also, did independent projects such as planimeter software to support kidney cell research for Dr Bodil Schmidt-Nielsen, Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory.

A resumé from that time period lists the following computer skills:

COMPUTER PROGRAMMER, Gulf of Maine Whale Sighting Network, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine. 1978-1982

Developed mapping software for the Network's whale sighting data base.

DEPARTMENT MANAGER, K-Mart #4448, Salem, New Hampshire. 1977-1978

Responsible for a $1.2 million dollar retail department with six employees under my authority.

MUSICIAN, New England area. 1976-1977

Management and performance in a working band.



M.S. Program in Science, Technology, and Society concentrating on relationship between industrial design and political effects of technology. Teaching Fellowship.

COLLEGE OF THE ATLANTIC, Bar Harbor, Maine; 1978 - 1982

B.A., Human Ecology 1982. Interdisciplinary liberal arts program. Concentration in philosophy and art/architectural history.

Internship: OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY, Institute for Energy Analysis, Washington, D.C., Fall 1980

As research assistant in econometrics, I co-authored two reports on the industrial demand for energy, "United Kingdom: Industrial Energy Demand in 1985 and 1990" (DE—AC05—750R0003) and "Industrial Price Elasticities of Demand for Energy In the Oak Ridge Industrial Model." Also developed graphics software and provided general support of Oak Ridge National Lab's Oak Ridge Industrial Energy Model (ORIM) for Dr. James Edmonds. ORIM was written in Fortran and ran on the Department of Energy's dual IBM 3033 system.

Coursework: UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE, Durham, New Hampshire, Summer 1979. In statistics and economics.

BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC, Boston, Massachusetts; 1974 - 1977

Special program in composition.

DON BOSCO TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL, Boston, Massachusetts; 1973 - 1977

Dual college prep/technical curriculum. Boston Fire Department Academic Scholarship, 1973. Certificate in Construction Technology, 1977